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We aim to be Your Fun-filled Spree Page!

Have you ever saw something that you simply just want it so much upon your first sight on it? Have you ever told yourself that no matter what I must get that?

Dakara (だから) in japanese means "That Is Why"..

That is why at Dakara Spree.. We aim to bring all these products that you simply cant resist.. That is why we are always keeping a lookout and will try our best to bring the most unique to you from all around the world.. at the best affordable price we can possibly offer!!

<< We are currently your one and only stop in Singapore now to get your hands on the really cute, unique and cool looking bags from Morn Creations!! Look nowhere else because you will not be able to find them anywhere else except here!!

Do keep a keen lookout on us as we continue to strive in bringing in more exciting and really cool stuffs from both Morn Creations and even much more unique products from other companies!!>>

*At Dakara Spree, we are our own customers too.. so that is why what we offer can be really irresistible!! This is because we share the same opinion and taste as you too!!*

Dakara~ you gotta get your hands on some. if not all of our items!!


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